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The meaning of Bramasole is "to yearn for the sun", derived from the Italian words 'bramare' - to yearn for; and 'sole' - sun. Bramasole is personal blog of Nia Nurdiansyah. Her anatomy of life and passion.

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Nia Nurdiansyah,
Fell in love with books since childhood. Every time her mother came home to work, she always get books as gifts. Reading took her to another world and she was always captivated by the stories in it. She realized if she could 'write something' when her school teacher praised the poem that she has made.

In 2000 she won a short story writing contest held by a teen magazine, and since then she is keen to continue learning to write. Writing skills were honed when she continued to work in a tourism and lifestyle magazine. In 2009, she was determined to learn to write with more serious and join the community of the Jakarta Arts Council Novel Writing Workshop, where she met with two teachers who not only taught her to write correctly, but also encouraged her to continue working on her dream : being a writer & an author.

'29 1/2 Hari' is her first novel with romance genre and a touch of pop psychology in it. She deliberately incorporate elements of psychology into her writings to promote psychology which since 2000 until now she has a commitment.

'Lenka' is her second novel with thirller-psychology genre. Lenka is written along with 16 colleagues at Jakarta Arts Council Novel Writing Workshop period 2008-2009, which is named after 'Sarikat Penulis Kuping Hitam'. Besides writing fiction, she also wrote the nonfiction book, one that has been published is a genre of parenting(Buku Pintar Ibu & Bayi Published by Bukune). Currently, she is still 'cooking' her upcoming novels in her kitchen.

To know about her upcoming or new books just simply click the My Books section of the blogs.

In addition to writing, mother of two boys and one cute daughter, who was pioneering career as a psychologist, also has another passion in life : traveling, cooking, and self healing. This website is home for her works, where she sow her dreams, where she lived her passion.

Hopes, the people who visit Bramasole can catch the spirit to achieve their dreams and follow the passion in their life.

NB : No dream is too big. You just have to become the person the dream challenges you to be.

Sunshine Awaiter


  1. Hi mak, nice blog. You have so many things to share. Let's keep in touch. :)

  2. Salut buat Mbak Nia, sukses terus y mbak :)

  3. Mba Nia kece, englishnya duhhh pengen belajar mba.

  4. Incredible introduction. Bloher hebring euy! #tepuktangan


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