Finding Your Deepest Dreams #1: The Hungry Ghost

Finding Your Deepest Dreams
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Some of us may have clear desires, but perhaps some of us haven’t figured out what our dream might be. Until you start going after what you desire, you won’t trully be happy, because you are not following the deep longings of your soul.

There are often two forces that propel us toward our dreams: positives and negative desires.

A positive desires is a longing force inside of us that connects us to higher self. Positives desires make you feel energized and happy. You will ask your self: “Will fulfilling my dreams challenge me to go beyond where I am, to create greater possibilities in my life? Will this desire positively impact me and other people? If you have answered yes, you are in the positive desires zone.

Negative desires come from a hollow spot inside of ourselves that we can never fill. No matter how busy you are it keeps nudging you. The negative desires create the ravenous creatures called Hungry Ghost; it never feels full or satisfied no matter how hard we’ve tried to feed it. The emotional energies of envy, greed, insecurity, fear of not being enough drive the desires and dreams of the Hungry Ghost. People find themselves in the realm of the Hungry Ghost when they let their insecurities and fears disconnect them from their core energy. If your desires born out of revenge or hurt, motivated by proving that I am good enough, trying to get someone else’s approval, feeling inadequate, and envious of what other people have, that was the sign of being in the negative desire zone.

In order to realize your desires and feel good about them, you have to shift negative desires to positive ones. This shift can occur only when you completely honest with yourself. Release your negative energy; transform it to create your dreams. Release the negative energy and then watch iti flutter off. Now your positive energy of desire is available.

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